About this site

This is my, Håvard Brynjulfsen's, personal home page. It's designed and created by me, using my eyes, brain and (mostly) fingers.

For those interested, here's what I've used to create this site:

  • Technologies
    HTML, good ol' CSS and a little bit of presentational Javascript. No frameworks - I've focused on nativity.
  • Page generation
    I've used Eleventy as a static site generator (SSG) with liquid as templating language to generate pages from the CMS.
  • Content management
    All content is written using Sanity as my content platform
  • Design
    Designed an MVP in Figma, but as I always do I ended up designing on-the-go as I wrote the code for it
  • Icons
    Primarily used icons found in BoxIcons library
  • Deployment
    The site is built in Vercel everytime I publish something in Sanity through webhooks and a fairly easy deployment pipeline